Peter Lomba

4th Grade Teacher


(720) 424-8580

4th Grade

Hello! I’m Peter Lomba, and despite this being my 10th year in the classroom, it’s my first at Columbian and also my first teaching 4th grade!

I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, graduated from Columbine High School, and then attended the University of Northern Colorado, determined to become an elementary school teacher. Upon graduating, I taught 5th grade in Jefferson County for 7 years before moving to San Francisco in 2020.

After 3 years of teaching in The Bay, I moved back to Colorado this summer, and am so excited to be at Columbian! Some of my passions that I enjoy incorporating into my teaching are cooking, music, the outdoors, art, plants, animals, and giving back to my community!  Outside of the classroom I like to ski, hike, play the guitar and banjo, draw, play soccer, watch the Nuggets, and read!

My goals this year are to create meaningful connections with students and families, foster inquiry and critical thinking within the classroom, and create authentic learning experiences to help all children reach their full potential.  In addition, I hope to inspire social and emotional growth, confidence, and to create a classroom community that is safe, empowering, and a ton of fun!