Educational Programs

Student in costume in class

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Children who are three or four years old before October 1 each year may apply for our ECE program. We have half day programs (a.m./p.m.) for three year old children and full day programs for our four year old children.  This helps to ensure an excellent transition from home or group care into the school environment. There is a small student – teacher ratio with a strong focus on oral language development in the student’s primary language. Literacy through stories and experiences is an important part of the curriculum and math activities that are interactive and “hands-on” teach very beginning skills. Social interactions and structured play help students learn to become friends and help one another.


Students receive three hours of literacy instruction and practice daily. Time is divided into direct instruction, small group and individual conferences, independent reading and writing, and sharing among group members. Students read and write in a variety of genres and for authentic purposes.


Columbian uses Bridges Into Mathematics, an inquiry-based Math program that focuses on conceptual learning of the Common Core State Standards.


Students in Kindergarten – 5th grades have one to one technology available to them. This comes in the form of either an iPad or Chromebook depending on grade and use. All students have access to online resources to practice Literacy and Mathematics that they can access from school or home.

Library Media Center

Our library has been recently upgraded to include areas for students to personalize their reading experience and collaborate thanks to a grant from the Imaginarium.