Arts Infusion

Creativity: We partner rigorous instruction with music, visual arts, theatre, and dance to create highly engaging, challenging and exciting learning experiences that inspire our students to expand their world view.

Curiosity: Arts infusion creates space for student voice and choice. Units of study are created around a problem to solve or a mystery to discover. Our students analyze, make connections, find patterns and work in groups to make decisions and to find creative solutions that combine core and arts standards. Students can choose how they will share their learning and will be celebrated at the classroom, grade, and school-wide level.

Connection: We are a neighborhood school, and we thrive on creating community and connection through the arts. These connections will be supported through both community events and daily classroom life. Arts Start helps us begin our days with joy. Daily morning meetings focus on social-emotional learning through arts experiences, and students learn in a creative, safe environment all day long.

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Columbian – A Small School with a BIG Heart

Full Day ECE 3-4 Classes

Our ECE classes are play based and full of joy while ensuring our smallest scholars are academically challenged and engaged. Children who are three or four years old before October 1 each year may apply for our ECE program. We have full day programs for both three and four year olds.

Arts Infusion

Every student will learn through the lens of hands-on, rigorous and FUN arts infused units and lessons. Our teachers use evidence-based strategies to create lessons that not only challenge our students but also expand their world view.

Multi-Intensive Program

We have a Multi-Intensive Center Programs, a Mild-Moderate Special Education teacher, Speech Therapist, Occupational and Physical Therapist and School Social Worker. Through the efforts of these professionals we are proud to be able to support the needs of all students

Gifted & Talented

Our Gifted and Talented students at Columbian are challenged through project-based learning and personalized instruction. With the help of our Gifted and Talented teacher Amy Barrett, teachers ensure all instruction to accommodates the learning needs of our gifted population.