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Personalized Learning

We will inspire and grow greater capacity in all stakeholders through joy, rigor and personalization.

Develop learner agency and a school culture where all students direct their own learning and participate joyfully and constructively in their classroom and community.

Create an environment where:
Students have voice and choice in their learning and school community.
Students have multiple ways to access, engage and express their learning.
Students are co-owners of the space they learn and grow in. (classroom & school)
Staff consistently communicate with and engage families in understanding their child’s learning goals.
Students take risks and learn from one another through clear collaborative structures.

Supports students to:
Advocate for themselves to use space and resources to meet their needs.
Respond responsibly to the freedom and choices they are given.
Strategically use resources for learning. (technology, space, community resources and scheduling)
Know, set and utilize their strengths and preferences to make positive learning choices.
Set and monitor their own academic and social goals in collaboration with teachers and families through bi-monthly goal setting protocol and data binder maintenance.

Work with teammates, leads and/or personalized learning coaches to intentionally adjust curricular resources to be more personalized and standards aligned.
Naturally infuse opportunities for voice and choice, to facilitate a balance between independence and collaboration, and problem/project based learning units.
Utilize systems to collect learner’s data and support learner’s ability to self-regulate and set and monitor learning goals through bi-monthly goal setting protocol and data binders.
Adapt instruction to meet student needs and increase student agency, motivation, and engagement to promote equity.
Consistently communicate with and engage families in understanding their child’s learning goals.
Invite and engage families in in-class learning events to showcase student learning.