Sports and Movement After School

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We are excited to offer a few before and after school clubs!

Columbian Movement ClubsParent Information

At Columbian, we believe that enrichment activities are an essential part of a well-rounded academic education. 

If you wish to sign your child up for an enrichment class, please be aware of the following important information.

Columbian Weekly After-School Schedule for Fall 2021

(Subject to Change-all classes will be finalized by 9/24 and will begin the week of 10/4)

Kids SmART:Cafeteria

Kids SmART:Cafeteria
Kids SmART:Cafeteria
Gym:Movement Madness 7:30am-8:15am
Gym:Jump Bunch Ninjas3:30-4:15

Kids SmART:Cafeteria 
Gym:Sports and Games with Ms. Alex3:30pm-4:30pm
Kids SmART:Cafeteria

Columbian Extra Enrichment Class Descriptions and registration information for Fall 2021

Club Name: JumpBunch


JumpBunch provides children opportunities to explore their bodies, experiences to expand their abilities, encouragement to empower the whole child, and memories that will last a lifetime. Our custom-built program for school-agers will enhance your child’s physical fitness as well as cognitive development. In each class, your elementary student will be lead through dynamic stretches, cardiovascular warm ups, be introduced to the fundamentals of a different sport or fitness activity, then finish with a relaxing cool down. Every class is non-stop movement and a whole lotta fun! *COVID-19 Protocols in place to keep our students, families, schools, and coaches safe.

To Register, go to and search for Columbian Elementary.


Club Name: Movement Madness


At Columbian Elementary

Join us on Wednesday mornings 7:30- 8:15

Like adults, kids need to get exercise… they need to put down the electronics turn off the

tv and get their bodies moving for a minimum of 60 minutes a day. Movement of the body

helps kids physically as well as helping their emotional, cognitive and social development.

We all know the phrase ‘a healthy body equals a healthy mind ‘ .

Kids need to get moving and this is what we do at Movement Madness. We provide a fun

and exciting way for kids to get/ stay fit mentally , emotionally , socially as well as


We at Movement Madness are here for the development of the whole child. Through a 45

minute class we provide your child with the vigorous exercise , help develop and improve

sport skills, build their self confidence by providing constant praise and a positive social

environment where they feel good about themselves , build friendships and learn to be a

team player.

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Club Name: JumpBunch Ninjas



This program is all about training to be your favorite Superhero and possessing the skills of a stealthy Ninja! To be a Superhero means having strength, agility, and speed, while Ninja’s are best known for their balance, coordination and cool acrobatics! In each class, we’ll focus on learning special Superhero & Ninja training skills through fun games and activities such as “jumping over hot lava,” “dodging fireballs,” “lightsaber training,” “scooter flying,” “ghostbuster tag,” and so many more! Being a Superhero also means having compassion for society, a kind heart, and a willingness to do good for others. These are just some of the qualities we’ll discuss in this unique program, which will challenge your child’s physical and cognitive abilities. We’ll build your child’s self-esteem while encouraging them to be an everyday Superhero!

To Register, go to and search for Columbian Elementary.

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Sports Clubs-Outside Fun with Ms. Alex


Description:  Play different sports and enjoy the outdoors with Ms. Alex.  Games include: kickball, soccer, flag football and four square!

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Description: Students will journey through our Personal Responsibility Model over the course of 3 units (Explore-Educate-Execute). Each unit will immerse them in rich content surrounding Hip Hop culture. Learning about pioneers, innovators and the movers & shakers in the industry! We take pride in growing tomorrow’s artistic leaders today with our incorporated leadership and social emotional lessons. Each student will receive a workbook to call their own for reflections, worksheets, and exercises. The Personal Responsibility Model ensures that we are dedicated to the growth of the whole child.

The PRM is made up of:

Class Coming to Columbian: Create. Set, Action!: This class is all about performance enhancement, camera presence, groovy moves, and fun, fun, FUN! During the course of the session, students will explore teamwork and creative control. From planning matching outfits to learning our students’ favorite music video choreography, students will learn what it’s like to be on a music video set. They will be educated on top choreographers/artists/artistic directors/videographers in the entertainment industry. Lastly, students will work together to plan out and execute a music video. Students will record, edit, and publish (school access only) the video for friends and family to see!

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