Columbian Teacher Recognized

Posted 01/08/2019

You may have noticed that Mrs. Dominguez has not been in our halls this year.  Mrs. D decided to take a year of leave in order to help address the problem of affordable housing in Denver.  As a result of all of her hard work this year she has been recognized as a “Who’s Next” in housing by the Denverite.  We miss you Mrs. D but are so proud of how hard you are working!  See the full article here.

From the Denverite:

Jessica Dominguez has been teaching at Denver Public Schools for 17 years, primarily at Columbian Elementary in North Denver, and what she’s seen there has changed her approach to the real estate company she and her husband own, Love Thy Neighbor.

Dominguez, 41, has seen an influx in homeless students in recent years, while the real estate market booms, and she started getting involved in housing classes and programs, including the Real Estate Diversity Initiative. She and her husband attend committee meetings and make themselves a resource to communities in need — people who are fighting displacement and for sustainable housing. She’s also teaching classes around the city on equity and affordable housing.

It’s a grassroots effort, she said, and it’s just getting started.