Partnering with Colorado State Patrol

Posted 11/06/2017

IMG_0997    (From Left to Right – Trooper Tafoya and Trooper Jackson)

Colorado State Patrol K-12 Education Program

Columbian Elementary Welcomes our new Colorado State Patrol Partners in educating our students on safety!

They will be teaching some the curriculum below in classes throughout the year.

Their Mission and Vision:

The Colorado State Patrol, in alignment with our mission and vision statements, has implemented and supported several educational safety programs in the past. The programs that the Colorado State Patrol has been involved with include G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training), Alive at 25 (AA25), ADoD (Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving), Impact Teen Drivers and Take it to the Track.

The traffic and driving-focused education programs that the Colorado State Patrol has supported previously did not typically include content for younger, non-driving populations. It is our intention through structuring our program to begin in early-childhood education that we may positively impact the future of Colorado’s youth when faced with the personal choices they make regarding traffic and personal safety.

The Chief’s vision is to change the culture of Colorado’s student population when it comes to areas such as safety in and out of the classroom, making informed choices and traffic safety as our students grow into young adults. The Colorado State Patrol desires to bring age specific curriculum regarding safety, choices and traffic into Colorado schools to help re-duce preventable injury and fatal crashes throughout the state and to help our Colorado youth become future leaders in accident and injury prevention.   The overarching goal also encompasses improving the image of law enforcement and the Colorado State Patrol in general, by building and maintaining positive and productive partnerships with the community.

Curriculum Overview :

Grades Pre K—2 (Not all topics will be presented in each grade level.)

Safe Places to Play: Students will identify and discuss safe and unsafe places by playing a hidden picture game em-bedded in the PowerPoint.

Bus Safety: Students sing an adapted musical version of “The Wheels on the Bus” in which key safety rules for being around buses are taught and reinforced.

Being a Good Passenger: Students will explore how easy it is to be distracted by trying to focus on a topic while the Trooper is blowing bubbles

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety: Students will identify and discuss common traffic signs and rules by playing a hidden picture game embedded in the PowerPoint.

Strangers and Friends: Students listen to a modern-day re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood before learning the prin-ciples of who they can trust when they need help.

Law Enforcement Officers & Emergency Personnel: Students learn about the role of the CSP, the uniform they wear, and the vehicle they drive.

Unsafe Objects, Places & Situations: Students will be shown several items and need to guess which ones are safe and which ones are not.

Bullying: Students play an outdoor, circular game in which one of the students is designated “out” and races to be included in the circle again.

Safety Around Animals: Students meet a member of the Colorado State Patrol K-9 Unit – Sandy the K-9 Trooper dog.

Emergency Prevention: Students watch an animated video about safety at home, school and play and when a situation is an emergency.


Grades 3—5 (Not all topics will be presented to each grade level.)

Being Safe at Home and School: An animated video in which guests on a talk show articulate various kind of emergencies.

Role of the Colorado State Trooper: The trooper inter-views a panel of students on safety at home, school and in the community.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Students will perform a group poem.

Conflict and Bullying: Students learn about teasing, conflict and bullying behaviors through a read-aloud story.

Drugs and Medicine: As students learn about drugs and medicines, they complete a logic diagram.

Making a Difference: A letter from George Washington Carver to his students is shared, in which Carver provides virtues he believes are important for them to embrace.

Responsible Passengers: Students participate in a scenario about being a good passenger.

Rules, Laws, Rights and Responsibilities: Students play a game with no rules to illustrate the importance of rules, laws, rights and responsibilities.

Internet Safety: A board game format is used to discuss ways to be safe on the internet.