Attendance makes “cents” at Columbian!

Posted 11/30/2018

This time of year an extra 50 dollars sounds great…actually any time of year!  How about getting that 50 dollars for something you are already supposed to be doing?  50 dollars is up for grabs along with sports balls, JoJo Bows, Legos, art supplies and more!

What’s the catch? Perfect Attendance for the month of December

Consistent attendance is key to students’ learning, and families are expected to ensure their children are in school every day. We take all absences, tardies, and early pick-ups very seriously, as they can interfere significantly with student learning.  Teachers and students are working hard at Columbian but we need your help to keep the momentum.

All students with perfect attendance for the month of December will earn a small prize as well as have their name entered into the raffle to win a larger prize such as 50 dollars.

Perfect attendance is defined as being at school for all 14 days in December, on time, and without leaving early.  We look forward to seeing you all every day!